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  • Awarded 2nd Degree BB in TKD
Feb/Mar 2006
    We (Kris, Phil and I) did a "red" course at the Indiana Crossroads Orienteering event at Eagle Creek Park. We came in 1st in our category (Red is the 2nd hardest... Blue, the hardest, wasn't offered that day)
    Kris, Phil Zodiaco and I biked the 52 mile course of the Wabash Century! I've never biked that far and those last couple of miles made themselves felt...
    Kris and I went with one of our friends to Climb Time in Indianapolis. They have indoor climbing walls. Wow! Lots of fun!
  • Kris and I participated in the Purdue GrandPrix duathlon this weekend. You ran 2 miles, then biked 12 and then ran 2 more miles. We are pretty sore now and we're probably as out of shape as you can be and still complete it in a reasonable time. Ouch! Must remember to actually train for the next one :)
  • Added a link to the photos of the Spain Trip that Greg took.
  • Added the photos of the Spain Trip that Kris took with the disposable camera
  • Added the digital photos taken on the Spain Trip... film pictures will follow when they've been scanned.
  • Added info about the DIY Skimmer I built and put on-line this last weekend
  • Swapped our old fireplace screen for a shiny brass one:
  • Added some reeftank updates... including some pictures from the basement sump.
  • Added pictures of the latest Kittens (though they are a tad dark and these kittens really deserve better photos)
  • Added pictures of our first coral! Its a blueish colores button polyp.
  • Updated Reeftank pictures with the new canopy on it (nearly finished, couple more days)
  • Reeftank Pictures - New Livestock (a six lined wrasse, two starfish)
  • DIY Canopy - This is the most complex wood working project I've ever attempted on my own. Its a canopy for the reeftank. I started it on Friday and have nearly completed the actual woodwork... soon its onto staining.
10/18/2001 * Thumbnailed the reeftank pictures so the page would load faster
10/16/2001 * Started a listing of reference URLs on the reeftank page
10/14/2001 * reeftank pictures... Hermit Crab Invasion!
10/11/2001 * Reformatted the Kittens Forever page to use thumbnails and make it easier to add new pictures
10/08/2001 * Added some new Kitten pictures
10/07/2001 * More reeftank pictures... Algae Bloom?
10/05/2001 * Minor update to resume to indicate that I passed the CCNA exam (942/1000)!
10/04/2001 * Minor update to resume to indicate that I now work at Officescape
* Added another reeftank picture and a progress update
10/01/2001 * Put up a new "Projects" page for our Reef Tank
* Also put a small page to honor one of Kris' projects: Kittens Forever!
08/26/2001 * Re-ordered trips to be reverse chronological (newest trips first)
* Added a link for upcoming Cozumel trip in September
07/09/2001 * Added China Trip Pictures (Shanghai and Shuzhou, August 1995)
06/10/2001 * Re-organized the "Interests" page
* Added an update to the "Projects" page
* Put some additional commentary on the before photos of the remodelling project.
06/04/2001 * Added some "before repair" pictures of the rear apartment on one of our duplexes.
06/03/2001 * Added some "after repair" pictures from our House
05/31/2001 Changed resume to reflect the fact that I no longer work with Winstar
05/31/2001 * Having left Winstar, I removed their link from my page. Time to relax for a few days... enjoy being a bum (house remodeling and some network consulting) and then pursue a new career at OfficeScape
* fixed a typo in the front page of the Rome Pictures
05/29/2001 Added the cool Countdown to leaving Winstar counter on the homepage
05/23/2001 * Put the little icon on the front page
* Removed a few links from the front page to elsewhere (GPS is under projects now)
* Modified my resume to have an ending date for my tour of duty with Winstar
05/22/2001 Reformatted the London Pictures into a format consistent with what I'm using now.
05/21/2001 Some small updates to the Centralia page.
05/20/2001 Scanned the Pictures Joe took in Germany
05/19/2001 * Added this cool "What's new" Page :) ... easier to find updates than digging around
* Minor updates to Resume