Virgil was raised by an Orthodox temple of Anubis in Galeia. Upon reaching his majority he was ordained as a priest and served as an internal priest to the temple, performing ceremonies and stuying the Morto Vojo.

Around his 23rd birthday a group of adventurers entered Virgil's temple seeking advice on a mission they were undergoing. Virgil was instantly intrigued by the possibility of wandering the world in such a grand fashion and performing more active service to Anubis. He left that same day and has never looked back.

Virgil's first adventuring mission involved the elimination of an entire village. He performed this duty with ruthless precision, sending the souls of the quite village to give his greetings to Anubis. His second mission was similar and resulted in an entire island left lifeless.

Life was looking up for Virgil. He had truly found his calling. And then disaster. There was a huge shift in divine resources and many dieties stopped communicating with their priests. Indeed priests could no longer even feel the presense of their gods. Priests were also no longer receiving the divine energy they required to cast their spells. Worshipers and priests alike began hearing rumors from luckier priesthoods that several gods had been killed or destroyed. Shocking. Incredible. How could the God of Death possibly be killed? Destroyed? Unlikely as well, and terrifying if possible or worse... true.

A long while later rumors began to be heard that Anubis was back and his priests were gathering in Old Karfelon. It seemed an appropriate place for a rebirth and Virgil took the first portal he could find to the Lojem area. Upon arriving he found many priests of Anubis who were talking of strange things. Something calling itself Anubis had indeed established itself on the death throne and Anubis' lieutenants had quickly sworn allegience. But something was wrong...

This new "Anubis" was requiring that his priests re-ordinate themselves. Why? If this was Anubis why could Virgil not feel the connection? Those that had reordinated found that their connection to Anubis was not the same as before... the connection was more graduated. Very odd.

Virgil recognized immediately that this was an imposter. This imposter was probably involved in the disappearance of the former Anubis. However it seems logical that even the former Anubis was not the true Lord of Death. How could he have been? The current "Anubis" was definately in charge of Infero, Walker, the collectors and everything else that goes with being Anubis. However he was not, and never would be, in charge of Virgil... who promptly jumped portal to Prall putting as much distance between himself and Anubis as possible.

From that time on Virgil has devoted himself to the study and correction of the Morto Vojo. Having obtained several full copies from former temples (all temples to Anubis are now considered "former" to Virgil) it became easy to start spotting where small errors (accidental or deliberate) had caused changes in the faith. How the priests misinterpred the word. How the god himself had deviated from the cause. Virgil leaves his reclusive home in Prall very seldom these days. When he does it is to adventure (where he has the possibility of spreading doubt about Anubis... but more importantly collecting resources to further his research) or to preach the true word of death on the streets of Prall. He is tolerated by the street gangs because they like to hear him rage and also because he's fairly handy with a dagger and will take the occasional student.

Virgil feels that he almost understands the truth and that when he does his true course of action will be made clear.