Carl Liston Carl is a handsome, blond man of average height. He dresses ostentatiously in pastels. A sharp, pink suit with a soft, blue, leather belt and a lime, green hat complete with a large yellow feather is his usual dress.

Carl is a known hoarder of copper. The sight of the red metal is often more soothing to him than drugs. Carl is a reputed to be a decent swordsman though few have ever seen him draw the weapon he carries.

Carl owns a large mansion in the Vogue District of Centralia. He is good friends with Dusk and Cyndarin. For a time Carl was seeng the singer Lyrael. That relationship seemed to end when she abandoned him for her former husband in Karfelon. To date Carl does not seek out the companionship of women.

Carl is a generally recognized as a Lord in Centralia. In days past he went out of his way to schmooze the other nobility. In recent times he has been quiet, only showing up to the most obligitory of parties.

He is also a member of the Guild of Wizards.