A Shot Glass Chessboard!

By now you might have noticed that I have married the coolest woman alive. This is a great gift!

Each piece is a differently shaped chess piece. They are filled with your favorite beverage (contrasting colors are best). When you take a piece, you drink it... You can already, hopefully, see the new possibilities and strategies this could add to the game :)

In this picture I'm drinking Boone's Farm Kiwi-Strawberry (very tasty). Kris is drinking a more refined Chardonnay...

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Once again my perfect wife outdoes herself. "Nothing says I love you like a Reach Out and Touch Someone scope." (Kris Ames, June 2000). She got me a Shephard scope (model P2) for my Steyr tactical (HB) rifle (.308 cal, bolt action, 4 shots in clip). I'll be putting up pictures as soon as I swap out the old scope and site this baby in. Very much looking forward to it.

If your not familiar with Shephard Scopes, click the above link (or goto http://www.shepherdscopes.com/). This is one slick scope. It has a one shot zero mechasism that (as the name implies) lets you zero the scope with only one shot. Also built in range finding and a dual reticle that'll show you if you've knocked your scope out of zero. Nice... very nice.


MP3 Jukebox player ... this is smoooth. I put every CD that both Kris and I own on the little device and it has room for lots more. Very excellent! It has a 20G notebook hard drive in it and a USB cable to connect to your PC for importing new music (either directly from CD or .mp3 files).


5 Year Anniversay. We tripped to Hawaii.